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Sui Generis

Have you ever spotted a rare butterfly?  Stumbled across a priceless gem?  Discovered a new species of orchid?  Well, here’s your chance to meet up with something unusual, exotic, and beautiful – my one-of-a-kind girlfriend, Joan. Tall, slim, hazel-eyed, and … Continue reading

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They say that women don’t like porn.   By porn, if you mean the grimy, icky “stag movies” I heard about in my youth, or their latest incarnation- the sleazy, raunch fest known as the sex tape, you can count … Continue reading

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Video Village

When I thought that they could handle it, I sat my parents down and broke the bad news.  I told them I was adopted.  You see, real life couldn’t hold a candle to the fabulous, flickering world enclosed in our … Continue reading

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Love Letter

When she was a little girl, my daughter Natasha, went to a coed summer camp in Maine. And she would come home at the end of the eight weeks and say,”You know, Mom, I think Jacob Bernstein likes me.” And I would … Continue reading

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