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  When I was in sixth grade at the Avoca School in Wilmette, Illinois a new girl from Maywood joined our class.  Her name was Barbara R. and she quickly became my … well everything.  My role model and my … Continue reading

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Sex and The Single Girl

A private memorial was held in New York last year.  It was by invitation only and mine must have gotten lost in the mail.  So consider this my R.S.V.P.  They were gathered to honor Cosmopolitan magazine editor extraordinaire- Helen Gurley … Continue reading

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Author’s Note:  This post is dedicated to Kevin G.  Thanks for the handsome pen, buddy. But then you always did have great timing. As usual, Tolstoy said it best.  He said that when he was born, he didn’t know if he … Continue reading

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Soup Nazi

A funny thing happened to me at lunch recently.  Twice.  I was invited to partake of the mid-day meal by two different gentleman on two separate occasions. Nice, right?  I thought so.  I love a good lunch invite with friends/colleagues … Continue reading

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The Catch

Once upon a time- after a brief romance abruptly ended- I carried a torch.  I admit it.  The gentleman in question had broken up with me and I pined.  And I languished.  And I re-lived every glorious moment we had … Continue reading

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The Honeymoon

I have a very good (single) friend who keeps running his vacation plans by me.  He wants to go to Italy later this year, and based on my Olimpia Quartet he has designated me his travel maven. He forwards me potential … Continue reading

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UNion 9-2800

Growing up in Wilmette, Illinois was pretty idyllic for my brother Kenny and me.  Life was small-town and carefree.  But there was one cloud that loomed over our sunny, Mayberry existence. Our mother was terribly phobic. Dogs, airplanes, elevators, cabs, … Continue reading

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All through my improbable life I’ve had the good fortune to rub shoulders with the celebrated.  It has been my great privilege to meet some of the most gifted people on the planet.  Some of these encounters have been planned … Continue reading

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Ciao, Bella!

The Italians have a phrase for it.  Colpo di fulmine.  It means “bolt of lightning.” Love at first sight.  I have always been a sucker for a pretty face.  I get crushes on the gorgeous. I just can’t help myself. … Continue reading

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