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This Is Dedicated To The One I Love

Before I start to sing the blues, let me give a shout out to everyone at LillStreet Art Center.  It was great taking part in the “Booze and Blogs” panel on Thursday night.  I had a blast, guys.  Thanks. And … Continue reading

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Just Desserts

I am a dessert voyeur.  I seldom indulge.  I really only like to read the menu.  (Now some of this may sound familiar to many of you.  But please hang in there with me.  This is a new post but … Continue reading

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I was a Johnny-come-lately to the social media phenomenon known as Facebook.  I just wasn’t interested in joining any on-line group that would have me as a member. (Thanks, Julius.) I couldn’t get excited about it.  I needed live interaction. … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT LETTER FROM ELBA ANNOUNCEMENT:  I would like to thank Marie and Valerie, and all the talented people at Lillstreet Art Center. responsible for getting next Thursday’s “Booze and Blogs” bash launched.  The event is already sold out and I’m excited … Continue reading

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Where’s Poppa?

As many of you already know, our dad, Ben Roffe, died in May.  So this is our very first Father’s Day without him in 3D. His funeral was a small, private affair on a sunny summer-like afternoon.  A beautiful day. … Continue reading

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Let George Do It.

My sister-in-law Mary Lu has an unforgettable birthday. 1/1. (And now you’ll all remember it, too.) For this year’s gift, I wanted to buy her a tree in New York City.  You know, from Bette Midler’s plant-a-tree foundation.  I thought … Continue reading

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No jokes, today.  Our kids are dying. Let me state at the outset that I was a hand gun owner. When Nick and I moved out to Colorado in 1996, I decided to learn to target-shoot. I had a friend, … Continue reading

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

A couple of Sundays ago, my brother and I took his granddaughters to Wrigley Field. Eliza is almost six and Susannah almost four.  One’s a blonde- Suze.  And the other’s a brunette- Eliza. And they both know everything. (Of course.) … Continue reading

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(No) Sex And The City Episode Trois “Happy Birthday”

The Cast:  Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie.  All BFF’s. The time: 1:00 pm lunch The Place:  RL, Chicago The girls meet at the host stand and air kiss daintily. Charlotte (sweetly):  You look stunning, Miranda.  Never thinner.  And those bracelets! Bulgari? … Continue reading

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