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Date Night

The other night I went out on a date.  It was a blind date.  My first ever, I believe, in a long history of dating.  But the guy came properly vetted by two friends that I trust, and so I … Continue reading

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In the New York Times Travel section recently, I came upon an article in “Heads Up/London.”  The writer, Christine Ajudua, reported on the latest and largest project from Secret Cinema.  This group puts on all-immersive audience participation experiences and their … Continue reading

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A Perfect 10

I love manicures.  They are my not-so-secret indulgence.  And I have the world’s greatest manicurist. Yes, yes, I know that every gal thinks that hers is the best.  But mine, darling Nguyen, (pronounced “Win”) actually is. Nguyen is Vietnamese.  She … Continue reading

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Hall Pass

CAUTION:  This blog post is rated “S” for Steamy. I’m well aware of the fact that many of you read me in bed on your phones and tablets early in the morning.  And I’m very grateful that you have made … Continue reading

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With summer finally upon us, I needed some air-conditioning in my new apartment.  So naturally I called Abt. (For all of you non-Chicagoans, Abt Electronics is a huge, family-owned, independent retailer of consumer electronics, major appliances and furniture. Founded in … Continue reading

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Did you ever read Andrew Solomon’s monumental work Far From The Tree?  The title alludes to the old adage “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” In this case however, Mr. Solomon brilliantly and sensitively documents the stories of … Continue reading

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Win Win

This past May I got invited to a charity concert event hosted by Sherren Leigh, publisher of Today’s Chicago Woman.  (Click the link if you wanted to see photos.  That’s me- first row on the right- with two of the … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement

It happened again tonight. At a perfectly lovely Fourth of July party at the country club.  Just thirty minutes in, a woman who I hadn’t seen in ages, strolled over to me, cheerfully greeted me, and then started telling me … Continue reading

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Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck

Okay, ladies.  That’s your cue.  It’s time to bounce. Take five to book a mani/pedi, or text your daughter, or wash your lingerie. Any girlie thing you want to do right now, because I guarantee you’re not going to give … Continue reading

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