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In 1978 I was living in Barrington Hills on eleven wooded acres with a husband, a big apricot Standard Poodle named Arno and a baby bump who’s sex and name were yet to be determined. It was paradise- until during … Continue reading

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I Scream, You Scream

If you’re not from Chicago’s North Shore, you might not immediately recognize this beloved institution. It’s Homer’s Ice Cream Parlor in Wilmette, Illinois.  Home of famous, fabulous ice cream. Especially peach ice cream in season. Its eighty years has been … Continue reading

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Do Unto Others

Photograph: courtesy of Fred Nachman Author’s Note:  If you only read one post of mine this year, please let it be this one.  Thank you. In case you aren’t familiar with this venerable Chicago landmark, this is the Fourth Presbyterian … Continue reading

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Ask Emily Post

WARNING:  This post is rated VC for violent content by P.E.T.A. and the Audubon Society. Dear Emily Post, I need your advice.  Please respond ASAP.  Even though many years have passed, I have to buy a gift for the following … Continue reading

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Yes, that’s the great Billy Wilder.  Legendary cinema screenwriter, brilliant director, auteur.  Although he didn’t invent the “meet-cute,” (when boy meets girl in an adorable way on the big screen) here’s one clever example he came up with for that … Continue reading

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In the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter, actress Juliette Binoche spilled the cacao beans.  During the filming of the 2000 film Chocolat, she discovered that her co-star, Johnny Depp “actually didn’t like chocolate.” “He was spitting it out after … Continue reading

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Calling All Girls: If the names “Enid Haupt” and “Colleen Corby” ring a familiar bell, this post should be on your “must read” list. When I was a pre-teen growing up on Chicago’s North Shore, I was rabidly interested in … Continue reading

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Easter Parade

Happy Easter and Happy Passover, Dear Readers.  In honor of Spring, I thought I’d tell you a love story. A true one. About the man who wrote the song “Easter Parade.” Mr. American Songbook- Irving Berlin. You are all familiar, … Continue reading

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It Happens Every Spring

Photograph: Fred Nachman Last Sunday, my brother Kenny and I were driving up Lake Shore Drive. It was a very blustery day.  Cold and gray.  An unpleasant kind of day. And then, all of a sudden, Kenny lit up like … Continue reading

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