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Birthday Boy

(Photograph by Henry X Arenberg) The guy with the uncharacteristically serious look on his face is our dad, Ben Roffe. The Year was 1989- which made him seventy years old at the time this picture was taken. The Place- Bub … Continue reading

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“Wild” by Ellen Strayed

Ever since I moved back to the city of Chicago, I have been on a kick. It’s called walking. I walk everywhere.  It started as a good way to see my brand new neighborhood and get some exercise at the … Continue reading

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How The West Was Won

Do I really have to tell you who he is?  If you are anywhere near my age, you’ll recognize him immediately. For an extra ten trivia points: What was the name of his rifle? Before I type another word, I … Continue reading

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My Bad Part Two

Hello, Dear Readers.  Welcome to the thrilling conclusion of “My Bad.” ICYMI: Here’s Part One of My Bad. Now for the rest of the story… Our saga had just left off with me speechless with terror at the thought of … Continue reading

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My Bad Part One

First a hearty congratulations to our Cubs!  They now head to the National League Championship series starting this Saturday. It was very exciting around here two nights ago. And now back to the blog… Yes, Dear Readers, this is a … Continue reading

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Space Cadet

First, I have to say that our team is coming back to Chicago from St. Louis having split the two games. Go Cubs! Okay, now back to the show. On Tuesday I saw Matt Damon as The Martian.   OMG! … Continue reading

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Shall We Dance?

Late Breaking Headline: Congrats to the Cubs!  Onward! Do you remember when and how you learned to dance?  Even though I have hazy recollections of teaching myself to jitterbug copying the kids on American Bandstand,***my formal training began at Avoca … Continue reading

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Twice in a Blue Moon

Hi, everybody!  I’m back.  Hope you all had a great two weeks.  I was on a real whirlwind here.  Out of town guests, parties, the Cubs/Pirates series and other fun extra-curricular activities made the time go by in a flash. … Continue reading

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