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Sunshine State of Mind

Once upon a time I used to like Florida.  Miami Beach, Palm Beach, South Beach, Long Boat Key, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton.  Sunned there and loved that. I even had in-laws who lived in St. Petersburg. … Continue reading

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I Saw The Light

It’s Easter and it’s Spring.  The time for rejuvenation and new promise.  And the time when this young girl’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. And that’s when I turn to Hiram King Williams. Better known to you-all as … Continue reading

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Heart to Hart

That handsome man is Robert Wagner.  Movie star, TV star, all-around mensch.   I’m thinking about him because I recently came upon this amongst my books. As you can see, it’s his autobiography.  I hadn’t looked at it in years, … Continue reading

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Blow Me Down

Wow! I’m still all shook up, Dear Readers.  This past Wednesday I had a brush with Mother Nature- and she plays hardball. It all started out so innocently- with a lunch date at R.J. Grunts with Fred Nachman, an old … Continue reading

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Green Film Festival

MEDICAL CENTER UPDATE: To all of you who were concerned yesterday when gale force winds here in Chicago used me as a basketball and dribbled me on the pavement, let me say thank you for caring.  My left shoulder is … Continue reading

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Spring Ahead

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was chock full of good ideas.  But contrary to the legend, he did not invent Daylight Saving Time. That honor has to go to this guy. New Zealander George Hudson. Modern DST was first proposed by … Continue reading

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Lady Byng

Author’s Note: This post is dedicated to Ray Bourque. It’s prime hockey season but just in case you don’t recognize the icon pictured above, let me clue you in.  That’s the National Hockey League’s Lady Byng Memorial Trophy. Marie Evelyn … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain High

Hi from the slopes of Snowmass, Colorado.  (And in case you don’t recognize us, that’s my brother Kenny and yours truly). True, it’s an old picture.  No helmets.  And true, my hair has now turned gray and I have jettisoned … Continue reading

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