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Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Readers. In honor of the holiday, won’t you join me for a chat?  Hope you have a marvelous day and I’ll see you next on Sunday, December 10.

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Do you like Yelp?  I LOVE Yelp.  And I use it for everything. Sure, I’ve used it to check out restaurants.  But I’ve also used it to vet everything from movie theaters to funeral homes. I really rely on the … Continue reading

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In The Hood

That’s my Scottie, Andy, and yours truly on an old chair lift in Snowmass, Colorado.  This pic was my 1996 Christmas card.  It was captioned “Every lassie has her laddie.” I was also the proud owner of Scotties, Kayo Murdoch … Continue reading

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Cold Comfort

Brrr. The weather has finally turned cold, rainy, windy and bone-chilling.  A hint of ugly things to come. And when it gets cold and wet outside, my thoughts always turn to…. Comfort food. I find myself daydreaming about the warm, … Continue reading

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Crime Scene

Author’s Note:  This post is about mayhem in the movies.  But after the sickening events of last Sunday, I seriously thought about not publishing it now.  But then I reconsidered.  If not now, when?  There will always be another tragic … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace

This is a photograph of Harriett G. Ostlund.  (Sorry about the blurriness, Dear Readers.)  She was born on July 24, 1924 and she died on October 10, 2017. That made her ninety-three when she passed away. And I did the … Continue reading

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You’ll notice, Dear Readers, there is no photograph at the top of today’s blog post. Well, thereby hangs a tale… I am back from a trip west to to meet my new grandson, Hendrix Benjamin Roffe. He was born in … Continue reading

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