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A Cautionary- and True- Holiday Play Dramatis Personae Ellen, the perky heroine Edna, the seventy-five year old lifelong postal employee Cliff, the Post Master All the action takes place at Window Number One in a post office in a small … Continue reading

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Linked In

…So a couple of weeks ago I was at Leslie Hindman working a fine jewelry preview.  (A preview runs for five days ahead of the auction so that clients can check out the dazzling goodies in person.) This was a … Continue reading

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Snap, Crack(le), Pop

Raise your hand if you still eat cereal.  Hold it.  I’m not talking about muesli or oatmeal or the granola on top of your yogurt. Hah. Those are gateway drugs. I’m talking about the hard stuff- the junk- Sugar Pops, … Continue reading

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The Way We Were

The day after Thanksgiving I watched the Barbra Streisand special- “The Music…The Mem’Ries…The Magic!” on Netflix.  I am not a big Barbra fan anymore but I was fascinated just the same. NO SPOILER ALERT:  If you haven’t seen it yet, … Continue reading

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Stuck on You

Hi, Dear Readers.  Hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. And now… How many of you know what this item is used for? Do the names “Revell” and “Monogram” mean anything to you? If these brands bring back … Continue reading

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