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Ave Atque Vale

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Robbins a.k.a. Ribs) You may know some of these guys, Dear Readers.  They were Glencoe’s Active Screw Softball Team champs in 1966. (As I recall, the team motto was “There’s no screw like an active screw.”  … Continue reading

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What’s New(s)?

In case you don’t recognize him, that was “the most trusted man in America.” Walter Cronkite. For nineteen years, he helmed the CBS Evening News and we got the scoop on all the world’s doings straight from him.  He was … Continue reading

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Here Lies…

Do you read obituaries?  I do.  The habit started in childhood with the “Milestones” section of Time Magazine and I’ve just kept it up. But over time- like everything else- obituaries have changed. Newspaper obits used to be straight forward.  The … Continue reading

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(Photo by Natasha Tofias) That’s yours truly, Dear Readers, being “Gran” on my annual Christmas trip to Boston.  And those are my grandchildren- Carly (Caroline) age one and a half in my lap and Sam age three and half on … Continue reading

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The Gift of The Magi

Happy New Year, Dear Readers!  Hope 2018 is a fabulous, happy, healthy year for all of us.   And to get us in the spirit of things, let’s start off with a holiday tale. A 2017 Christmas Fable … So a … Continue reading

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