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Be My TV-alentine

This post is dedicated to Rickey Freeman- with the generous forbearance of his beauteous wife, Joan. A kindred spirit when it comes to old television shows, he’s sure to remember everything mentioned here.  Happy VD, my friend. I hope yesterday … Continue reading

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Dance Party

That’s American Bandstand, Dear Readers.  It ran from 1952 all the way until 1989. In 1956, after the emcee, Bob Horn, was fired for a drunk-driving arrest, Dick Clark became the show’s perennially-young host. On August 5, 1957 ABC began … Continue reading

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Sex Tape

True confessions time, Dear Reader. Somewhere floating around in the ether there exists a certain rather racy video of me and another person- a guy- and well… Not to put too fine a point on it- We’re in bed and … Continue reading

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Cookie Monster

In the cookie beginning there was the Word. And the word was Salerno. Eating a Salerno Butter Cookie is probably my first lifetime cookie experience.  How well I remember those butter-favored pinwheels nestled in their plastic sleeves. Their Art Deco … Continue reading

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Was She Or Wasn’t She?

Okay, Dear Readers.  I need your help.  Something has been driving me nuts and maybe you can solve the mystery and resolve my problem. See the blurry photograph that heads this post?  I want to know who that woman is. … Continue reading

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