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Be My TV-alentine

This post is dedicated to Rickey Freeman- with the generous forbearance of his beauteous wife, Joan. A kindred spirit when it comes to old television shows, he’s sure to remember everything mentioned here.  Happy VD, my friend. I hope yesterday … Continue reading

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Dance Party

That’s American Bandstand, Dear Readers.  It ran from 1952 all the way until 1989. In 1956, after the emcee, Bob Horn, was fired for a drunk-driving arrest, Dick Clark became the show’s perennially-young host. On August 5, 1957 ABC began … Continue reading

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Sex Tape

True confessions time, Dear Reader. Somewhere floating around in the ether there exists a certain rather racy video of me and another person- a guy- and well… Not to put too fine a point on it- We’re in bed and … Continue reading

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Cookie Monster

In the cookie beginning there was the Word. And the word was Salerno. Eating a Salerno Butter Cookie is probably my first lifetime cookie experience.  How well I remember those butter-favored pinwheels nestled in their plastic sleeves. Their Art Deco … Continue reading

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Was She Or Wasn’t She?

Okay, Dear Readers.  I need your help.  Something has been driving me nuts and maybe you can solve the mystery and resolve my problem. See the blurry photograph that heads this post?  I want to know who that woman is. … Continue reading

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Ave Atque Vale

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Robbins a.k.a. Ribs) You may know some of these guys, Dear Readers.  They were Glencoe’s Active Screw Softball Team champs in 1966. (As I recall, the team motto was “There’s no screw like an active screw.”  … Continue reading

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What’s New(s)?

In case you don’t recognize him, that was “the most trusted man in America.” Walter Cronkite. For nineteen years, he helmed the CBS Evening News and we got the scoop on all the world’s doings straight from him.  He was … Continue reading

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Here Lies…

Do you read obituaries?  I do.  The habit started in childhood with the “Milestones” section of Time Magazine and I’ve just kept it up. But over time- like everything else- obituaries have changed. Newspaper obits used to be straight forward.  The … Continue reading

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(Photo by Natasha Tofias) That’s yours truly, Dear Readers, being “Gran” on my annual Christmas trip to Boston.  And those are my grandchildren- Carly (Caroline) age one and a half in my lap and Sam age three and half on … Continue reading

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The Gift of The Magi

Happy New Year, Dear Readers!  Hope 2018 is a fabulous, happy, healthy year for all of us.   And to get us in the spirit of things, let’s start off with a holiday tale. A 2017 Christmas Fable … So a … Continue reading

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