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Was She Or Wasn’t She?

Okay, Dear Readers.  I need your help.  Something has been driving me nuts and maybe you can solve the mystery and resolve my problem. See the blurry photograph that heads this post?  I want to know who that woman is. … Continue reading

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Heart to Hart

That handsome man is Robert Wagner.  Movie star, TV star, all-around mensch.   I’m thinking about him because I recently came upon this amongst my books. As you can see, it’s his autobiography.  I hadn’t looked at it in years, … Continue reading

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Grabthar’s Hammer

This past week sucked.  First the legendary David Bowie dies. Then Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch announce their engagement. Yuck.  No.  Better make that eww. But just when I thought the news couldn’t get any worse… The Universe threw me … Continue reading

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