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Dance Party

That’s American Bandstand, Dear Readers.  It ran from 1952 all the way until 1989. In 1956, after the emcee, Bob Horn, was fired for a drunk-driving arrest, Dick Clark became the show’s perennially-young host. On August 5, 1957 ABC began … Continue reading

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Cookie Monster

In the cookie beginning there was the Word. And the word was Salerno. Eating a Salerno Butter Cookie is probably my first lifetime cookie experience.  How well I remember those butter-favored pinwheels nestled in their plastic sleeves. Their Art Deco … Continue reading

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Kiddie Chic

That’s Natasha and Nick chez nous circa 1985, I’m guessing.  They’re gussied up for a Christmas party we threw that year. I dug out this old photograph because I remember Natasha’s party dress.  It came from Cerutti in New York … Continue reading

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Hailey’s Comet

MRI UPDATE: Good News! The Leading Doc In His Field says that my MRI (two hours, btw) shows that I am healing on my own and that no further surgery will be required. Whew. Thank you to all of you … Continue reading

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Old School

One look at this picture and it’s 1959 and I’m instantly transported back to the playground of the Avoca School on Chicago’s North Shore. The dresses on the girls and that awful-looking ring thing bring back vivid memories of recess. … Continue reading

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East of Edens

Before we go on on a trip down Retail Memory Lane, Dear Readers, let me beg your indulgence.  This will be my last blog post until Sunday, September 25.  I need some time off because yesterday was the first day … Continue reading

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Author’s Note:  Dear Readers, this will be my last post until Sunday, July 10.  Next week I’m having the first of two cataract surgeries and I don’t want the pressure of being Mr. Magoo and having to type on a … Continue reading

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Mister Roffe

Happy Father’s Day, Dear Readers.  Hope it’s a glorious day for you and your families. Those misspelled (No two N’s in “Benjamin”) dog tags are souvenirs of my dad’s Navy career. He was a radarman on the U.S.S. Shangri-La. Here … Continue reading

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Wow, Dear Readers.  At long last, it finally feels like summer around here and that brings one great thing to mind… Riverview! Yeah, I know.  Riverview Amusement Park is long gone.  Sold to a developer in 1967 and vanished overnight … Continue reading

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Now and Then

Hi, Dear Readers.  It’s great to be back.  Hope you had a wonderful holiday.  I sure did. One of the reasons is right here… The blurry photograph that graces (?) today’s post was probably taken circa 1962.  From left to … Continue reading

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