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Sex Tape

True confessions time, Dear Reader. Somewhere floating around in the ether there exists a certain rather racy video of me and another person- a guy- and well… Not to put too fine a point on it- We’re in bed and … Continue reading

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A Cautionary- and True- Holiday Play Dramatis Personae Ellen, the perky heroine Edna, the seventy-five year old lifelong postal employee Cliff, the Post Master All the action takes place at Window Number One in a post office in a small … Continue reading

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Stuck on You

Hi, Dear Readers.  Hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. And now… How many of you know what this item is used for? Do the names “Revell” and “Monogram” mean anything to you? If these brands bring back … Continue reading

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Do you like Yelp?  I LOVE Yelp.  And I use it for everything. Sure, I’ve used it to check out restaurants.  But I’ve also used it to vet everything from movie theaters to funeral homes. I really rely on the … Continue reading

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#Me Too

I’m back, Dear Readers, and I have to talk about the Harvey Weinstein thing. Too bad. It comes as no great surprise to me that this disgusting, entitled, trauma-inducing and illegal behavior is alive and well in Casting Couch Hollywood. … Continue reading

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WARNING: This post is rated V for Violent Content.  (That’s the world we live in now, Dear Readers.) So last Sunday TBF and I were supposed to be in Las Vegas.  We had gone there for his birthday last year … Continue reading

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Sandwich Wrap-up

That’s John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich.  He was born in 1718 and he died in 1792. He was a diplomat and a rake.  A world traveler, a high-ranking official and an inveterate gambler. He had held many important … Continue reading

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Reunited (And it feels so good)

That’s my I.D. badge, Dear Readers, proudly bearing my class picture.  (Wince.) The year was 1967, and although I was having a clearly a bad hair day, my four years at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois were the … Continue reading

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Trivial Pursuit

If I may direct your attention to the 1979 entry on the right Dear Readers, you will see the name “Ellen Ross” written below the title “Willie Nelson Stardusters.” This is my listing on the roster of Hall of Famers … Continue reading

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Curb Your Enthusiasm

This is my last post until July thirteenth, Dear Readers.  Have a marvelous and safe Fourth of July. Now see this guy?  Doesn’t he look like he’s got no important place to go and all the time in the world … Continue reading

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