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A Cautionary- and True- Holiday Play Dramatis Personae Ellen, the perky heroine Edna, the seventy-five year old lifelong postal employee Cliff, the Post Master All the action takes place at Window Number One in a post office in a small … Continue reading

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Linked In

…So a couple of weeks ago I was at Leslie Hindman working a fine jewelry preview.  (A preview runs for five days ahead of the auction so that clients can check out the dazzling goodies in person.) This was a … Continue reading

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Dear Readers, In case you can’t recognize me, that’s yours truly lying in a hospital bed. (Hospital to be named later.  After I’ve recovered.) I went to the emergency room and five days later, they released me. Long medical horror … Continue reading

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Mean Girls

One week ago, people here in Chicagoland were shocked and horrified as an ugly news story unfolded. ICYMI: Four black teenagers- two boys and two girls- kidnapped and tormented- “tortured” was the word the news outlets used- a mentally handicapped … Continue reading

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Hi, everyone.  In case you don’t recognize us, that’s Carly and her Gran last month.  She was born the day after Mother’s Day this year and what a nice gift, don’t you think?  I’m grateful, that’s for sure. As a … Continue reading

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Playing Hookey

Cubs win the World Series! No more “Wait ’til next year.” Congratulations to them- and the city of Chicago. And now… Dear Readers, Please excuse Ellen today. She couldn’t write the blog because she is unexpectedly out of town and … Continue reading

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Pure ‘Bwa

This post is dedicated to Sandy and Denny Rosen.  Keepers of the flame. Take a look at the guy in the matching red shirt on the steps behind me. If you don’t know him, that’s Denny Rosen, Director of Camp … Continue reading

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Cheers, Dear Readers!  I’m off to Boston to celebrate the birth of my new granddaughter, Caroline Blair.  I know you’ll understand when I tell you that this is my last post until Sunday, June 5.  See you all after Memorial … Continue reading

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Letter From Elba Announcement: Dear Readers, I am taking a short hiatus.  The blog will return on Sunday, October 4.  Have a great couple of weeks.  I’m going to. Okay, back to our regularly-scheduled blog post. See that guy on … Continue reading

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Dinner Belle

Ahoy, Dear Readers.  I’m back in dry dock.  And I’m happy to report that my annual visit to Camp Ojibwa in Eagle River, Wisconsin was its usual blast. Of course, there were non-stop activities from the moment we threw our … Continue reading

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